Monday, June 6, 2016

After Google going radio silent on the status of Google's Penguin update, as we are waiting on version 4.0 - John Mueller volunteered information on this mornings hangout on Google+. John from Google said it is "getting closer and closer" and he is hopeful that "it is not too far in the future."
He said this at the 23:37 mark into the video:
We don’t have a specific date on the update for the Penguin algorithm but in talking to the team, they feel they are getting closer and closer and I am hoping that is not all too far in the future.
Here is the video embed:
Again, this is really the first time Google mentioned anything on timing around Penguin 4.0 in a long time. It has been 85 weeks since the last Penguin update, that is over a year and 17 weeks ago.
So we are all eager for this Penguin update.
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